Felix Ohswald: The Greek market is in the foreground for GoStudent

What does Felix Ohswald, CEO of the first European EdTech Unicorn, which today has a presence in 23 European countries, exclusively state

An even more dynamic course in the Greek market, with the simultaneous enrichment of services in order, for example, to provide assistance even to university students, but also actions to enhance its visibility, is planned by GoStudent, which is the 1st European EdTechn Unicorn, as it appears based on exclusive statements by Felix Ohswald, CEO of the company.

As Mr. Ohswald says, speaking to STARTUPPER TV, the demand that has been recorded by the Greek public in the one year of GoStudent’s presence within the borders, is so great that it automatically makes our country one of the main priorities for further development of the company.

“We have found that demand is at significantly increased levels, especially on the part of families looking for qualified teachers, as an additional help to their children.In fact, we have already elaborated a series of actions that will further enhance GoStudent’s visibility in the Greek market, always maintaining a non-negotiably high quality standard of educational services. At the same time, we are expanding our services in order to provide assistance to university students,” according to Mr. Oshwald.

It is reminded that GoStudent has a presence in 23 European Countries.

Startupper TV: Really, how did the creation of GoStudent come about?

Felix Ohswald: The idea for GoStudent arose seven years ago, when the co-founder of the company, Robert, my then 15-year-old brother and I during our school years had jointly lived the experience in schools, which made us clear that the quality of the education provided to them is a direct function of the respective quality of the teachers, as well as the interest, will and love they contribute to this relationship.

You know, such a teacher can act as an inspiration to students, being a point of reference in how they see and deal with the overall learning process.Unfortunately, however, it is up to the good (or not) fate of the students if in their course in the educational system their course will intersect with an inspired teacher. This reality acted as the necessary “spark” in order to reflect fruitfully and settle down in the design and creation of a platform that will connect online students from the first grade to the age of 18, with top teachers in their kind and science.

Startupper TV: Many argue that GoStudent is or at least points to the future of teaching. In what sense and why?

Felix Ohswald: Our goal is to help students reach their full potential and replace the traditional (often not so beloved) way of teaching with innovative online teaching. GoStudent’s teaching platform is aimed at schoolchildren and students of all ages who either need educational support or want to reach their full potential with our help.

For their part, the professors of GoStudent are qualified students and teachers, specialists in the courses they teach.Before we work with them, teachers take part in an interview and test process in order to test their knowledge, experience and educational abilities.

GoStudent aims to simplify the educational process and introduce technology into the anachronistic teaching system. In this light, we help students receive specialized education through an interactive and online classroom.

Our courses include all school subjects, with the greatest demand in those of Mathematics, Physics and English. At the same time, we are currently expanding our services in order to provide assistance to university students.

Startupper TV: What was your initial goal, with the launch of GoStudent?

Felix Ohswald: Well, to be the disruptor in the field of 1-to-1 education. Something that we have not only achieved, but also essentially leads us to the next step, which is none other than to expand the offer of services to the market, beyond the 1-to-1 training process.

All the more so since the “core” of the educational process remains -approximately- the same for at least two centuries.Just think about how many similarities there are since you, your parents, your older relatives, and even your grandparents followed almost the same path in terms of the educational aspect. It’s not a secret that my intention is to introduce change and disruption in this area, through the dynamics and innovation of EdTech.

Startupper TV: What place does Greece hold in GoStudent’s plans?

Felix Ohswald: Crucial, as in the one year of our presence in the local market, we have found that demand is at significantly increased levels, and especially on the part of families looking for trained teachers, as an additional help to their children.

In fact, we have already elaborated a series of actions that will further enhance GoStudent’s visibility in the Greek market, always maintaining a non-negotiably high quality standard of educational services.

Startupper TV: What was the biggest challenge you had to answer in the process of establishing GoStudent in the minds of millions of Europeans?

Felix Ohswald: Without a doubt, finding a convincing answer to the question of how GoStudent’s business model would prove to be functional, as well as profitable for the parties. In this course we went through a variety of stages. For example, we initially offered the service for free, operating a chat where we gave answers, through the teachers who were contracted with us.

Then, we thought of directing our effort to parents in order to explain to them our billing model, so that we can ensure an extremely quality learning, through an online service, to students.

Startupper TV: There is some… secret recipe and what are the ingredients on the basis of which GoStudent has evolved into the first European EdTech Unicorn.

Felix Ohswald: Of course it is based on a combination of things. First of all, it is the construction – on our part – of an excellent team of partners, which has absolute dedication to the company’s goals and product, trying to further push GoStudent’s processes, content and actions on a daily basis.

Second, the fact that with a lot of work we managed to understand every aspect required for the business model we applied to prove to be functional in practice.

A fact, which allowed us to penetrate a number of European countries in an extremely short time.Characteristically, I mention that in recent years we have expanded our presence to 23 countries. Of course, all this would not be possible to achieve in the absence of daily search and ultimately achieving functional excellence, while overcoming possible problems or failures.

Startupper TV: Have you determined if any particular element of your character contributed to the construction of such a successful edtech company?

Felix Ohswald: The fact that from a young age I liked to work on effectively solving specific problems, I think helped me to co-create GoStudent.

Of course, I have always been inspired by a spirit of entrepreneurship, which is evidenced by the fact that by the age of 10 I had started to earn my first income, copying and then selling DVDs to schools. Since then, I have been trying to serve with consistency and enthusiasm whatever I was doing in the business field.

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