Why Internet Startups Are Failing To Impress People

Guest Post by Christopher Meloni, Marketing Manager at Deals lands Uk

In today’s world, many people have formed a ritual to get up early, perform the chores and then get started for their job. At times, we feel there isn’t any other better way to lead a easy and exciting life.

Everybody wants to quit their job and become their own boss. They want to do something on the computers by being at the comfort of their home.

When it comes to work from home, it may sound like a better option, but many people are not ready for that. So, the above mentioned people who are unhappy with their job, decides to quit their job and then jump into the business of internet marketing. Such people have no knowledge, preparation and education about what they are doing. The option that is left for such people is failure, actually a big failure in their business.

Studies states that, more than 90% of businesses fail within the first four months. So, then comes the remaining 10 % people who succeed in the business. These people have the knowledge of internet marketing, and know how things work here. They know that they cannot get rich in a day’s time.

Ironically, these people have never thought of starting a real business and have decided to go for a virtual business, without having any business background.

When it comes to an online business, people have a myth that they don’t need to work more and will get better results. They forget that every business needs effort and you may need to work for long hours.

Ideas that went wrong

When you look at those 90% people who failed in the business, you will not be surprised. They are the kind of the people who thought that, having a domain name and building up a website is everything.

When it comes to an internet marketer, he needs to be self-disciplined. Having a partying life and just spending some hours on net will not make him rich. If you think that there is a magic button and pushing that would generate traffic, and you will eventually make money, then you are wrong.

People need to understand that it requires a lot of effort and patience for the business to flourish.

No business background

Whether it is a small or a big business, retail or online business, you need to know the terms, because business is business. A good businessman will understand those practices and will work accordingly.

When it comes to a business, it is not necessary that you have good educational background but, you need to have the basic knowledge about the things. If you think that it is not easy for you to maintain your profit and loss book, then it is better to leave business and go for the job.

It is not wise to think that you will be making profit in the first some months, so better have enough capital to survive and pay for your expenses for that time period.

There are many startups, which have survived the tides and ebbs of time and competition, and one of them is Dealslands. They have made it a point that proper knowledge and marketing skills can definitely take a startup to the next level.  

To-Dos for success

Plan your business before hand. You need to have a business plan before starting up your business. You need to include many details such as the costing, requirements, etc.

Be ready for the hard work. Things are not that easy as they appear. So better, be ready to work hard with patience. If you fail in the first attempt, try again for the second time.

It is not easy to be the part of those successful 10% people. Look out for the steps taken by those people who have succeeded and follow their path. Do everything they have done and trust me you will too taste the fruit of success.

Author Bio: Christopher Meloni is a Marketing Manager at Deals lands a fastest growing Online Coupon Industry. Apart from his profession, he also has a passion of blogging and he likes to explore new and innovative methods of marketing within his field. Connect with Christopher on Twitter.

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