Nilox: Dynamic e-bikes for “green” urban commutes

All models have a 250W motor and an assisted pedal system, in order to meet the specifications of the subsidy program "I MOVE ELECTRIC"

Nilox, expands its palette of e-bikes in the Greek market, with seven new models suitable for any kind of movement. The new electric bikes offer easy and fast transportation everywhere, are environmentally friendly and save time and money. All models have a 250W power motor and an assisted pedal system, in order to meet the specifications of the subsidy program I MOVE ELECTRIC.

NILOX DOC E-BIKE J1 PLUS – Dynamic e-bike with classic style


The Nilox J1 PLUS is the bike that combines the dynamism of an e-bike with the style of a simple, traditional bike. With 3 different assistive modes you travel comfortably for journeys up to 40km and thanks to the front basket and rear rack you can carry your favorite items everywhere. The Nilox J1 PLUS is equipped with 20-inch wheels, LED lights and an ergonomic seat. For easy storage, the J1 PLUS, folds and is transported even in public transport.

NILOX DOC E-BIKE J5 PLUS – The convenient city bike

Nilox’s city bike, J5 PLUS is here, combining ease of riding, style and comfort. Thanks to the lg 36V – 9.6 Ah removable battery, you move around with three different combinations of electric assist up to 65 km. For an even more comfortable riding experience, it features front suspension for cushioning, sturdy 26″ wheels and a SHIMANO 6-speed transmission. Drive safely in the city thanks to the front disc brake and rear brake V, but also the LED front and rear lights that give visibility even at night.

NILOX DOC E-BIKE X6 PLUS – The best seller mountain bike

The Nilox X6 PLUS is the second generation of the company’s best-selling mountain bike. Equipped with front suspension, front and rear TEKTRO disc brakes and a 21-speed SHIMANO transmission and LCD display, the Nilox X6 PLUS guarantees maximum control over the ride.The powerful 27.5″ x 2.10″ tyres, the new, longer-range LG 36 V – 12.8 Ah removable battery that gives a range of up to 90 km and the 5 different assistance modes make the X6 PLUS even more powerful and agile to drive.

NILOX DOC E-BIKE X7PLUS KAI X7F – Daily commuting companions


The Nilox X7 PLUS is the second generation of Nilox’s incredible Trekking eBike. It has a 21-speed SHIMANO transmission, 5 electric levels of assistance and a new one of larger capacity, a removable lithium battery of 36 V – 13 Ah that allows a range of up to 80 km. The Nilox X7 PLUS also performs on uneven roads, thanks to the semi-tractor 27.5″ x 2.10″ semi-tractor tyres that move fast on the asphalt and at the same time provide more traction on the ground. It features front suspension and maximum braking performance equipped with TEKTRO disc brakes at the front and rear.

The new Nilox X7F is ideal for everyday use but also for cycling tour thanks to its wing equipment and luggage rack. Equipped with an LCD display with 5 electric levels of assistance, a SHIMANO 6-speed transmission and a removable lithium battery LG 36 V – 12.8 Ah, it allows a range of travel of up to 80 km, while with its front suspension it absorbs vibrations. In addition, it offers safety, combining front disc brake and rear brake V.

NILOX DOC E-BIKE J3 PLUS KAI X8 PLUS – For off-road adventures

The J3 PLUS and X8 PLUS, Nilox’s second-generation FAT e-bikes, offer off-road adventures thanks to the 20″ x 4 tires that cope on any kind of road! Equipped with a 7-speed SHIMANO transmission, powerful LED lights and an LCD display that allows you to choose between 5 modes of electric assistance, to drive comfortably both on off-road routes and in the city center.The removable battery allows them to drive up to 70 km safely thanks to the front and rear disc brakes. In bonuses, the foldable frame of the X8 PLUS that makes it ideal for storage and transportation everywhere!

The models are available in Greece by Divitec SA, responsible for both warranty and service, through a network of stores and online shops.

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