CyberStream: Joins forces with Matillion for innovative data solutions for the benefit of businesses

Matillion’s innovative and award-winning ETL/ELT platform is now available to any business or organization that wishes to take advantage of the new technological trend of implementing modern Cloud Data Warehouses (CDW) and Data Lakes (DL) in cloud computing environments, such as Microsoft’s Azure, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, etc.

Matillion ETL / Data Loader, among others, supports:
•Loading data into CDW/Data Lakes such as Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, Azure Synapse Analytics, Databricks Delta Lake,
•Loading data from primary sources, such as relational databases, by more than 100 manufacturers,
•The quick and easy creation of data pipelines that connect the primary sources with the most established cloud data platforms,
•The rapid integration and transformation of data into shapes suitable for BI, Data Science, Visualization and Data Analysis applications,
•The “democratization” of data, through the unhindered and simple process of access to it, of all users, of every level
Matillion ETL / Data Loader strategically complements the solutions and services offered by CyberStream in the field of Big Data Analytics ( and adds a critical, highly skilled tool to the availability of its cloud-oriented customers.

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