VizEat will offer meals in Parisian homes for the Airbnb Open Event

Social dining platform VizEat helps people discover and share authentic meals in local homes. VizEat has announced a new partnership with Airbnb to offer its global community of hosts authentic meals in Paris during the upcoming Airbnb Open event.

VizEat will offer local dining experiences to Airbnb hosts attending the Airbnb Open gathering on 12-14 November in Paris where over 6,000 members of the Airbnb community are expected to attend.

It’s the first time the annual Airbnb Open gathering is taking place outside of San Francisco, illustrating the growing importance of European destinations for the global travel community.

Built around a sharing economy business model, VizEat allows travelers and local hosts to share great meals and unforgettable moments. The founders, Jean-Michel Petit and Camille Rumani, originally thought of the idea in Peru while sharing an Indian meal with locals on Lake Titicaca.

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