ViOS: The paradise of digital nomads

ViOS providesdigital nomads and non-digital nomadsspecially designed co-working spaces in Athens. Thanks to its services, the multi-space that resemble corporate offices have reached 90% of their occupancy within three months of their inauguration.

Unlike other shared offices that have been closed or never returned from the pandemic, losing their position as traditional players, ViOS has attracted many digital nomads, 50% of whom are foreigners from the UK, Spain and elsewhere, who say they work and choose Greece.
The facilities provided by the company to those who prefer human-friendly offices include among all the fastest internet (Terrabyte), comfortably comparable to leading telecommunications companies, and wellness spaces that focus on well-being, investing in the mindset of healthy way and place to work.
Its facilities also include gym, secretarial services, full tech infrastructure, games and many more that give a sense of intimacy to those employed in their bioclimatic offices.
ViOS offices are more like the working environment of the future while digital nomads also prefer them because what they do not have the time to do elsewhere, they find the space and the framework to deal with the body, mentality and even self-care in terms of cleanliness there, “as if it were home”.
Roof gardens and courtyards where individuals can communicate with each other or simply enjoy the view, personal training and yoga facility in meditation rooms for a mini break, combined with the fact that it is covid free strictly observing all the necessary sanitary measures, offer a flexible and practical comfort zone (in the good sense), where human resources can both work and renew their strengths.
ViOS is expanding 
After this great success of ViOS based in Feidiou, the company plans to create two new spaces within the next two years (2022-2023). According to information from Startupper, the first one will open in 2022 in Psychico with the same specifications and the same unique features that changed the data in the greek market within just a few months.  

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