Upstream and Socital are developing mobile commerce

Upstream and Socital, which are active in the field of marketing technology (martech), announced their strategic partnership. Upstream is a pioneer in the field of mobile marketing automation in some of the world’s fastest growing markets, such as Brazil, South Africa, Nigeria and Thailand. Socital specializes in e-commerce, supporting important brands in Greece and abroad in their online sales.

The strategic cooperation between the two companies concerns the exchange of technology and know-how and the joint targeting of an expanded clientele of online stores internationally. The two companies will develop a joint technological solution, which combines Upstream’s expertise in commercial communication on the mobile phone through popular and direct channels such as SMS, RCS, Viber, WhatsApp, etc., with Socital’s tools, through which visitors of online stores are transformed into customers.

The first field of action for the cooperation of the two companies will be the Greek market, with pilot campaigns for e-shops of important domestic and international brands, among which are Sephora, Pandora and attrattivo. They will then focus on exporting their technology abroad, with the main goal of opening up in the middle of the year in the Brazilian e-commerce market. It is one of the most important markets for Upstream, which cooperates with all the major mobile operators in the country and companies from the fields of education, banking, retail, etc.

The e-commerce market in Brazil shows tremendous momentum, as it has the second highest growth rate on the planet annually (at 26.8%), while it is the tenth largest market in terms of value overall. This dynamic is intended to be exploited by the two Greek companies with an innovative mobile commerce platform.

“Upstream’s entry into the e-commerce space is the next big step for the company’s future growth.Our cooperation with Socital and the exploitation of its know-how and software opens the door for us and puts us directly in the e-commerce market, which at this juncture is a unique opportunity.The technology that we will develop and test in Greece, ready for export, will allow us to dynamically claim a share in the Brazilian market, where the sizes and the strong push that we already have in the country allow us to see with great optimism the future. And we will continue”, said Dimitris Maniatis, CEO of Upstream.

“Socital’s experience in e-commerce and Upstream’s experience in mobile marketing means that this partnership will help both companies to make the decisive step towards the mobile commerce market. Almost 73% of e-commerce’s sales worldwide come from mobile commerce, the value of which exceeds 3.5 trillion dollars. We are preparing to enter dynamically and reach our potential in markets such as Brazil, where businesses need tools to help them better exploit the potential of e-commerce.”, stated Socital’s CEO, Theofiilos Vasileiadis.

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