GoCarShare: Raised Another £75k in Crowdfunding to Help People Share Empty Car Seats

UK-based car-sharing startup GoCarShare has completed a second Seedrs campaign with the aim of crowdfunding a Tinder-style app, but for car travel.

GoCarShare raised £50,000 in its first crowdfunding campaign, which closed in November 2013, and an additional £75,000 which closed in early July.

It creates a marketplace for empty car seats. With a community of over 23,000, GoCarShare helps members connect with other like-minded people so they can share journeys and save money. GoCarShare’s ambition to create a location-aware app that intelligently matches people with spare car seats and those looking for a lift is inspired by the success of dating app Tinder.

People using the GoCarShare website – relaunched in December 2013 – currently post their journey an average of 16 days before they travel, but the aim of the new app is to turn GoCarShare in to much more of an ‘on-demand’ solution.

Many journeys made by GoCarShare users involve travelling to festivals or sporting events, or even when public transportation has gone on strike.

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