The robotic solutions of Gizelis Robotics in FACHPACK 2021

Gizelis Robotics participated in the prestigious international FACHPACK 2021 packaging technologies exhibition, held in the city of Nuremberg, at the end of September. Despite Covid-19 restrictions, more than 780 exhibitors and 24,000 visitors from 33 countries were present at this year’s exhibition.

Gizelis Robotics had the opportunity to present to an international audience the modern robotic boxing and palletizing cells “Cell Pal Dual” and “Cobot Plus”. Specifically, the Cell Pal series offers a flexible palletizing system in four different configurations, with special Palletizing Wizard software friendly to use, which allows the easy and quick selection of the optimal palletizing format and adapts flexibly to the needs of the packaging line, while it achieves a significant improvement in its productivity in the best way.

Also, Gizelis Robotics’ Cobot Plus co-operative palletizing cell is designed to offer a mobile automatic box palletizing solution. It is addressed to lines with a small or moderate production rate and has the possibility of palletizing in 1 or 2 positions. There is also the possibility of placing intermediate dividing sheets between the boxes or its cooperation with autonomous collaborative robots thus offering a complete solution of palletizing and internal handling.

It is noted that the palletizing cells of Gizelis Robotics are addressed to dynamic sectors, such as Food, Pharmaceuticals, and Chemicals, Construction, Micro-Breweries and Plastics, emphasizing on user-friendliness, quick depreciation, reliability, small spatial footprint, easy program switching and minimal maintenance costs.

Gizelis Robotics today provides both unique and on-demand robotic solutions as well as combination solutions of robotics and artificial intelligence to the greek industry and foreign markets. In addition, it has been distinguished – through the platform of the Austrian company StartUs Insights, which covers over 1,000,000 startups and emerging companies – as one of the five fastest growing startup robotics companies in the world among 589 emerging innovative enterprises in the field of robotics.

“The members of Gizelis Robotics team had the opportunity to discuss and analyze the new robotic applications related to the packaging industry, to make contacts and enter into partnerships with new customers and suppliers, to evaluate the competition and to collect data for the prospects for the development of new international markets by this sector.

We are more than satisfied that this report proved to be a great success for us, because the solutions presented by Gizelis Robotics attracted the intense interest of senior executives from dynamic sectors of the global economy, such as Food, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Chemicals, Construction, Energy, etc., coming from countries such as Germany, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland, the Netherlands, Israel, Finland, Greece and Turkey.”, said Mr. Yiannis Theodorakopoulos, Dr. Mechanical Engineer of NTUA, Exports Sales Manager of Gizelis Robotics, who participated in the FACHPACK exhibition.

“Gizelis Robotics has designed and applies the latest robotic solutions for the fields of palletizing and packaging, addressed to the Greek and international market. Our goal is to provide “Integrated Automation System Solutions” that take productivity to the next level, and ensure the Quality, Flexibility and Adaptability of modern industry to the continuous changes of the market and the needs of customers.”, commented Mr. Evagelos Gizelis, Founder and CEO of Gizelis Robotics.

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