dopios pops up in London for 3 weeks to inspire and get inspired by real Londoners.

London is a city brought to life by people and the million varied fascinating stories they have to tell. dopios is wandering in the city to track those amazing people and make them part of our travel community.

Are you a Londoner? Care for some extra money while having fun doing what you love? Then you can become a local in London. If you live in another corner of the world, you can help dopios build awesome communities around the world by sharing dopios news with your friends in London.

dopios’ London stories will be published on their blog, as well as their Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages for real time London moments.

dopios (“local” in Greek) is a community marketplace that connects travelers and locals around the world in order to offer tailor made travel experiences curated by locals as well as tips and insights.

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