The innovative ideas of two Greek Startups “travel” to Estonia

"Microgreens - Magicgreens" and the student "Drug n Drop" compete in Tallinn among other European teams at the largest Festival of Youth Entrepreneurship and Innovation

It is with great enthusiasm that the Greek Startups, which conquered the top of the two emblematic competitions of Junior Achievement Greece and now represent our country claiming the top of Europe, are preparing for Tallinn, Estonia.

Their goal is to achieve an important distinction for their teams and Greece.

The student “Migrogreens – Magicgreens” from the 2nd Experimental Gymnasium of Kilkis and the student “Drug n Drop” from the Athens University of Economics and Business and the National Technical University of Athens, will compete at GEN-E 2022, the largest Festival of Youth Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Europe organized by JA Europe in collaboration with JA Estonia from 12 to 14 July 2022.

There will be the best students of Startuppers from the 370,000 young people in Europe who participated in total in 2021-22, in the student program “Virtual Enterprise 2022” (JA Company Program 2022) and the student program JA Start Up 2022.

“Our teams have created very smart products, they have worked hard and they make us all proud. They represent Greece in the best way as their very high level can be seen at every stage of the competition.We thank all Greeks for their support and wish the children from the bottom of our hearts good luck”, said JA Greece President Markos Veremis.

The Student Startup Microgreens – Magicgreens

In the student European Final, the Greek “Microgreens – Magicgreens” competes with 40 European teams, presenting The Milleronders, the smart tower of an old computer in which micro-vegetables / superfoods are grown with record speed using IOT technology.

Children contribute to circular economy by utilizing the useless towers of old computers, turning them into fully automated, tasteful cultivation chambers of the highly nutritious micro-vegetables used for gourmet dishes in homes and restaurants. Watch the excellent 30-second video submitted by the team to the European Competition.

The main group consists of students Panagiotis Karatzas, Konstantinos Koukakis, Haris Koliouskas, Alexandros Katsaronas and Maria Dourou. The head teachers are Eleni Sidiropoulou and Stavros Katsaronas. The volunteer/consultant of “Mikrogreens-Magicgreens” is Stratis Roumeliotis Distribution Business Manager of HP and Inspirational Mentor the President of Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry Giannis Bratakos. The team had meetings for its preparation for the European Final with Giannis Voilis, Assistant Vice President at Citi, Elena Velonaki, Senior Manager, EY Parthenon, TSE Strategy and with the internationally renowned Brand Strategist Peter Economides.

The Student Startup Drug n Drop

In the student Pan-European Final, the Greek “Drug n Drop“, competes with 20 European teams with the smart drug management bin it created so that not a single pill goes to waste. The bin analyzes with sensors the information of the drugs placed inside and achieves the production of the right amount that the market needs without making the waste that pollutes the environment and deprives African countries of medicines. Watch the excellent 30-second video submitted by the team to the European Competition.


The team consists of Alexia Vasilaki and the brothers Nikolas and Giannis Spyrellis with Stavros Lounis as the head teacher. The team had meetings for its preparation for the European Final with Elena Velonaki, Senior Manager, EY Parthenon, TSE Strategy, Myronas Flouris, Associate Director, Business Development, EY Greece and with the leading Brand Strategist Peter Economides.

We vote for the two Greek teams for the Public Choice Award

The two Greek Startups had an excellent performance in their first online interviews with the jury which they will meet again, in person this time, for the next interviews they will give at the kiosks that will be set up in Tallinn’s central Freedom Square on the morning of July 14.In the evening of the same day, the Gala Dinner will take place during which the big winners will be announced. Special prizes, the audience award and the first 3 prizes will be awarded. We can all support Greek teams to win the public’s award, the Public Choice Award, by voting for them here.

To vote for the student group “Microgreens–Magicgreens”, you select the JA Company Program and to vote for the student group “Drug n Drop” you choose JA Start Up. You will see on the right the list of countries, choose Greece, find the group and vote. The voting takes place in the online exhibition space of GEN-E in which other Greek teams present their ideas.You can vote until Tuesday, July 12 at 19:00 Greek time. You can sign up to keep up with all the developments on the GEN-E website.

Ja Europe’s TES and SIR awards to winners from Greece

As part of GEN-E, the schools that stood out in the multi-year implementation of the “Virtual Enterprise” program and will be declared “Business Schools 2022” upon receiving “The Entrepreneurial School (TES) Award 2022″ will be awarded in Tallinn, in a special ceremony on July 13. From Greece they will be awarded with the TES Award 2022 by JA Europe, in the category of General Senior High Schools the Aristotle College of Thessaloniki and in the category of Vocational Senior High Schools the E.E.E.EK. Agios Dimitrios.On the same day, a Greek student team “Food for thought” will be awarded by the Experimental Senior High School of the University of Macedonia, which managed to win the first place in the International Student “Social Innovation Relay” (SIR).

The Greek mission to Tallinn

The Greek delegation to Tallinn consists of the members and teachers of the two competing teams, the representatives of the schools and teams that have already been distinguished and will be awarded, the General Manager of Junior Achievement Greece Argyris Tzikopoulos, the head of the student program Virtual Enterprise Eliza Pavlidis, the head of the JA Start Up student program Ioanna Kyprioti and the journalist, communications director of JA Greece Maria Giannetou. For the first time, there will be press coverage of the European Competition by ERT and the journalist Vangelis Liakogonas. Last year the Greek teams, the student “” and the student “FlowOn“, were a huge success winning the first and second European Prize respectively.

We wish the same and greatest success this year! Good luck to “Microgreens-Magicgreens” and “Drug n Drop”!

Junior Achievement Greece is a member of the global non-profit educational organization of student entrepreneurship Junior Achievement Worldwide that is nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize 2022. For more information about JA Greece, please visit website.

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