Maria Pinelli, EY: “Think like Entrepreneur, even if You’re Not” (video-interview) met with Maria Pinelli, Global Vice President of Strategic Growth Markets at EY Global, at EY offices at Becket House, London and discussed about creating a friendlier environment in Europe towards entrepreneurship.

Ms. Pinelli mentioned how important is for G20 the contribution of entrepreneurship to the global economy and society, as entrepreneurs create the vast majority of new jobs, while she proposed a closer collaboration between governments, corporations and entrepreneurs for supporting the latter ones, by facilitating access to financing and reducing the bureaucratic obstacles.

When asked about alternatives for people with no entrepreneurial skills, she argued that even though entrepreneurship isn’t indeed for everybody, entrepreneurial mindset though is something everyone should develop, since even corporations are looking for these sets of skills.

Ms. Pinelli concluded with the notion that surveys showing that young Europeans are not interested in starting their own business show that Europe is fostering a culture of no risk-taking.

Watch the full interview with Maria Pinelli on the video below

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