Battery Tech and nuclear power generation dominate EnergyTech funding rounds

Environmentally friendly forms of energy seem to raise significant investment capital

Tackling climate change and reducing the temperature by just 1.5°C requires investments of more than 3.5 trillion euros, according to the International Energy Agency. Although this amount is very difficult to raise to achieve this goal, even a fraction of it may be enough for there to be change.

Startups engaged in the production of nuclear power, electrification or hydrogen energy seem to be performing anyway. So it’s worth taking a look at the big funding rounds of the EnergyTech industry and especially the distribution of amounts.

The most funded category among EnergyTech are companies engaged in battery manufacturing and energy storage. The shift to electromobility and renewable energy has created greater needs for energy storage, so investments in companies in the sector are reasonable for both economic and environmental purposes.

Significant investments are also being made in the nuclear energy sector, as in recent years discussions on the wider use of nuclear energy have intensified. Nuclear energy is the result of the union of two atoms, a process that can produce unlimited energy with zero emissions. Although nuclear power still has a way to go to become mainstream it seems that investors do not hesitate to support companies in the industry.

Other EnergyTech companies that raise investment capital are engaged in the use of hydrogen or methane as an energy source, while smaller investments involve other environmentally friendly energy sources. The boom of EnergyTech companies is something that goes beyond investment and profits, as this industry can bring significant changes in energy and multiple benefits for the environment.

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