Eurobank ESG Deposits: 200 million euros to finance sustainable investments 

Eurobank is the first systemic bank to introduce the ESG Deposits into the Greek market, which is an innovative, modern, deposit solution for ESG-oriented businesses that wish to place their liquidity in deposit products, the funds of which will be used to finance sustainable investments and projects that promote sustainable growth.

In this context, the Bank completed the design and implementation of its first ESG Deposits and, within a certain time period, 50 Greek companies – customers, expressed their interest, exceeding by 2 times the target of 200 million euros. With the funds of 200 million euros Eurobank plans to finance sustainable investments and projects that promote sustainable development, based on the criteria of the Sustainable Finance Framework that implements.

“Eurobank is once again innovating and introducing to the Greek market the modern solution of ESG Deposits by encouraging its customers to place the excess liquidity of their business in sustainable development projects that meet strict eligibility criteria. ESG Deposits is an important step in the journey of Greek businesses towards sustainable development, which we support firmly and with all our strength.”, stated Konstantinos Vassiliou the Deputy CEO of Eurobank and Head of Corporate and Investment Banking.

The ESG Deposits is part of Eurobank’s strategic planning for the development of ESG products and services and it is addressed to companies wishing to place through ESG Deposits any available liquidity from one (1) million euros for a period of 6 or 12 months.Also, it provides the possibility of early acquisition for all or part of the amount, if the company needs its liquidity, for emergencies and before the end of the time deposit.Additionally, it offers the opportunity to participating companies to enrich their ESG package of actions, within the framework of the Principles of Responsible Entrepreneurship, aiming at sustainable development. 

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