The future in the workplace is here

Partnered by DIMAND, PwC creates an innovative workplace, focusing on sustainability and people, introducing a new, authentic, interactive work experience

PwC Greece, responding to the trends of the new era, invests in innovative spaces that promote a flexible work experience for its people.

At a press conference held on Wednesday, July 6, 2022, at the Moxy Athens City Hotel, it announced the lease of its new state-of-the-art offices in the area of Maroussi.The high-level design, the principles of sustainability and well-being that are incorporated, make the building complex a new architectural reference point, with the signature of the architectural office ASPA Design.

The development of the project, which will be completed in 2024, has been undertaken by DIMAND, one of the largest Greek real estate development companies, specializing in bioclimatic buildings.

On a privately owned plot that it recently acquired through its subsidiary, Insignio M.A.E., DIMAND, is going to erect a building with a total area of 22,550 sq.m

The property is in a privileged position, at 65 Kifissias Avenue, in Maroussi, and will be certified according to the international standards LEED and WELL as it will meet all the sustainability requirements.

PwC Greece shared its vision for the future of work and the market for professional services, as shaped by global trends.

For its part, DIMAND, presented the design for the development of the new state-of-the-art offices.

“The new offices accelerate our transition to a new operating model, reflect our strong growth path and confirm our commitment to the continuous development of our people and the services we offer. At the same time, they contribute to the achievement of our climate neutrality goals.”, said the CEO of PwC Greece, Marios Psaltis

“It is an honor and a great challenge for us to develop perhaps one of the most emblematic buildings in the area that will host the executives of a leading company such as PwC. Our goal is to create another modern bioclimatic complex that will be a landmark for the region and, at the same time, a working environment worthy of its people.We are going to develop a building of high aesthetics and functionality, which will incorporate all modern architectural trends while it will be certified by major international organizations, as is the case with the buildings we develop.” pointed out the CEO of DIMAND, Dimitris Andriopoulos.

K. Andreou, D. Andriopoulos and M. Psaltis

PwC innovates with new flexible working experience

The new building comes to upgrade the hybrid employment model already implemented by the company by creating a flexible, environmentally sustainable, innovative and exciting workplace that focuses on the employee experience and the strengthening of collaboration.

This experience is based on the diversity of spaces (amphitheaters, libraries, indoor and outdoor collaboration spaces, relaxation areas, and so on), the ability to alternate their use according to the need of the employees and the interaction between the groups. People are encouraged to work, interact and concentrate in the building zones that best meet the needs of their work and the work they have to do.

The new offices also provide specially designed, collaborative hospitality spaces for customers, partners but also for educational institutions and research programs, etc., actively supporting the company’s strategy to provide holistic solutions of high quality.

Marios Psaltis continues: “The world of work is changing. So is the concept of ‘office’. At PwC we move from theory to practice. We design the workplaces of the future to improve the daily working lives of our people and support them to work in new ways.We create a vibrant, state of the art workplace, focusing on sustainability and people, and introduce a new, interactive work experience. We offer our colleagues a pleasant and flexible environment that promotes trust, cooperation, creativity.

In the new space, the connection between entrepreneurship and innovation is strengthened with the aim of developing sustainable solutions for the market and society on the one hand, and on the other hand, building trust, thus fulfilling our global strategy, The New Equation“.

Strategic priorities of PwC

The implementation of the “New Equation” strategy, provides for the empowerment of the company with new skills that meet the emerging needs of the market and the development of new organizational structures that promote collective knowledge and the exploitation of the opportunities created by the use of technology.In the same context, the creation of offices – satellites throughout Greece is also included in the aim of contributing to the development of local ecosystems and attracting and developing domestic talent, providing employment opportunities in large international projects from different regions of the country.

At the same time, PwC Greece is committed to transforming its corporate culture into an even more human-centered and diverse one and upgrading the skills of all its employees through continuous investments in training, infrastructure and tools but also the implementation of practices that support people’s well-being and facilitate the balance between work and personal life.

Design of high architecture focusing on the sustainability and well-being of people in the work environment with the signature of DIMAND.

The complex will consist of two facing four-level buildings, with a total area of 22,550 sq.m. and will have underground parking and other service areas.

Between the buildings, an uncovered green space is being developed, which will function as a core of social and recreational activities but also as a resting place for employees.

Special care has been taken for lighting and ventilation in all workplaces, while emphasis has also been placed on the acoustic study in order to achieve the ideal indoor conditions.

The uncovered area and the roof host gardens with Mediterranean vegetation.

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