The Greek Startup Docandu transforms pharmacies into mini medical hubs

The Greek Startup Docandu launched a pilot program, which aims to change the game in the Greek market, giving new dynamics to pharmacies, as it turns them into a mini medical hub.

The new program, which comes as a continuation of the strategic partnership with Atcare, is initially implemented in selected pharmacies in Attica, with the possibility of expanding to a total of 3,500 pharmacies throughout Greece.

Now pharmacies will be able to offer the premium service of Docandu, giving their customers and their families the opportunity to be able to consult a general practitioner of the company, from wherever they are on the planet and whenever they need him within 24 hours.

In addition, users will be able to store their medical records, check the symptoms they present, through the reliability of the application and then speak for free with a Docandu doctor to receive scientific guidance on the problem they are facing.

Through a simple procedure, during which the citizen enters one of the cooperating pharmacies, he asks to buy the Docandu prepaid card, which includes the premium version.

The activation process takes less than 5 minutes and the average waiting time until contacting the doctor is 15 minutes, which means that if the citizen needs to get a first doctor’s advice, on the subject he/she is facing, he/she will not have to wait days until he/she visits a doctor, as in less than 20 minutes he/she will be able to consult a Docandu doctor, from the comfort of his home.

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