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Cloud Insurance raises 100,000 Euro, becoming the first Norwegian equity crowdfunding round by Invesdor

The closing procedures of Cloud Solution’s share offering are now done. The primary goal of Cloud Solution’s share issue was to raise a minimum of 450,000 NOK. The goal was beaten convincingly as the final amount raised was settled at the highest investment range 1,012,500 NOK. The Oslo-based Cloud Solution’s Cloud Insurance offers a globally […]

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New for Denmark: Invesdor launches international equity crowdfunding service for local businesses

Crowdfunding platform Invesdor is bringing its service to Denmark, the first time that Danish businesses will have the opportunity to participate in cross-border equity and debt crowd fundraising.  “Until now, Danish companies have had no way to raise funds in this way from outside the country” explains Invesdor CEO Lasse Mäkelä. “Invesdor is the first […]

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San Francisco Angel Investor invests in Finnish crowdfunding service Invesdor!

  Manny Fernandez, a leading San Francisco angel investor has invested in Finnish equity and debt crowdfunding platform Invesdor. At the same time, Invesdor will subsequently form an alliance with San Francisco-based equity crowdfunding platform! Invesdor is a Helsinki-based financial technology (fintech) company that runs a pan-European debt and equity crowdfunding service. It was […]

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Invesdor raises €1M to launch its European expansion as the first licenced equity crowdfunding platform

The Finland-based, licenced equity and debt crowdfunding platform Invesdor has raised a million euro crowdfunding round through its own service. Invesdor is using the funding and its EU licence to expand into other European markets. “There are currently no truly cross-border platforms in the European crowdfunding market. We aim to be the number one source […]

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