San Francisco Angel Investor invests in Finnish crowdfunding service Invesdor!


Manny Fernandez, a leading San Francisco angel investor has invested in Finnish equity and debt crowdfunding platform Invesdor. At the same time, Invesdor will subsequently form an alliance with San Francisco-based equity crowdfunding platform!

Invesdor is a Helsinki-based financial technology (fintech) company that runs a pan-Europea!!!INVESDOR_1_EMEAn debt and equity crowdfunding service. It was founded in 2012, and has so far facilitated the raising of more than 9.6 million Euros for something more than 39 successful crowdfunding projects. As of the alliance that Invesdor and are building, its goal is to bring investors and capital from Silicon Valley and Europe closer to each other. The alliance will try to provide both European and American investors access to high growth companies in both Europe and America.

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