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John C. Fox: “Startups in Europe are Trying to Tackle Practical Problems, San Franscisco’s are Focusing on the Next Billion-Dollar Idea” (video interview)

John C. Fox is an independent software engineer, creator of MemoryMiner and lead iOS developer for Findery. The last week he has been working from Athens, Greece through “meta-organisation” for developers Appsterdam, working side by side, connecting with and addressing talks to Greek startup entrepreneurs. caught up with him at Orange Grove, a startups […]

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Appsterdam Greece: Welcomes Saul Mora at International Speaker Stage

Stichting Appsterdam is a non-profit meta-organization that provides common ground for all App Makers (people or organization that contribute to the creation of apps, be they engineers, designers, businessmen, lawyers, or marketeers), regardless of platform, occupation, or business model, in Amsterdam and beyond. Appsterdam aims to build a structured ecosystem of cooperating App Makers with […]

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