Pharmaserve-Lilly: A pioneer in Clinical Research

As part of the partnership with Lilly, the pharmaceutical company is set to carry out an ambitious business plan to create a drug production facility in Greece

Pharmaserve-Lilly invests in the excellent expertise of Lilly, the world leader in healthcare, which combines care with research, to develop drugs that make people’s lives better.

In a festive event under the sacred rock of the Acropolis, Dionysis Filiotis, President and CEO of Pharmaserve-Lilly on the occasion of the visit to Greece of the President of Lilly International Ilya Yuffa referred to the long-term presence of Lilly in Greece that begins initially with its collaboration with Pharmaserve Greece in 1984 and later develops into the creation of the joint venture in 1994, when Pharmaserve-Lilly was created.

Pharmaserve-Lilly is among the top 10 pharmaceutical companies operating in Greece and is a pioneer in our country in Clinical Research.

At Pharmaserve-Lilly we are proud to be active in health and contribute to the Health & Well-being of the citizens of our country. We have in the Greek market a combination of new innovative but also older renowned high quality pharmaceuticals that offer essential solutions to serious diseases.We are in constant dialogue with all important partners in the health industry in order to achieve information and understanding of existing needs and to ensure that patients have access to the medicines they need. We participate with positions and proposals in the formulation of health policy in our country for the production of added value for all.With integrity, excellence and having people at the center we contribute to the good health of citizens, to ensure decent work and economic growth of our employees, and we support the philosophy of sustainable development. For 25 years we have been systematically investing in the conduct of clinical studies in Greece.”, stated Dionysis Filiotis, speaking in the context of the event on the company’s contribution to Greece.

Since its establishment in 1996, the Medical Research Center for Clinical Studies of Pharmaserve-Lilly, has been firmly committed to the vision of the excellent conduct of Clinical Research Programs, aiming at the evaluation – development of new pharmaceutical agents. Today, having now recorded very significant scientific activity, it is one of the most numerous research centers in the country and enjoys great acceptance at national / international level.In its 25 years of existence, the Medical Research Center for Clinical Studies has achieved scientific collaboration with more than 2,100 Greek doctors – researchers, in more than 1,300 research centers, in which at least 16,000 patients have joined. The data have been used in more than 160 publications – announcements in reputable international journals and conferences.More than 50 million euros has been invested by Pharmaserve-Lilly in recent years through clinical studies, in the future of health. Recently, Pharmaserve-Lilly started the largest phase 3, clinical trial that will ever have been conducted in Greece.

Ilya Yuffa recalled that “… Lilly is the company that first made insulin commercially available worldwide in 1923. 100 years later, Lilly remains faithful to its commitment to help patients with Diabetes Mellitus and offer solutions that improve their daily lives”, and went on to say “Lilly constantly invests in the research and development of new drugs and the provision of innovative solutions against many serious diseases such as cancer and autoimmune diseases” and underlined “Pharmaserve-Lilly is a stable and valuable partner of ours in Greece. The purpose of this trip is to celebrate the 25 years since the establishment of the Medical & Research Center in Greece – but also to discuss additional areas and cooperation programs”, and concluding he stated:

“Greece has many advantages for new business plans, firstly due to its highly trained human resources, its geographical position in Europe, and its proximity to the Middle East and Africa, its policy of stability as a member of the European Union and of course the very good relations with the United States of America.At Lilly we are exploring all possibilities for investment in Greece if the right conditions are created and launched. These include, of course, the existence of a business and fiscally stable and predictable environment, the increase of the country’s budget for the drug, the reduction of the huge mandatory refunds in rebates and clawbacks, the reduction of bureaucracy and the acceleration of all procedures, including the decisions of the judiciary’.

As part of the partnership with Lilly, Pharmaserve-Lilly will present to Ilya Yuffa an ambitious business plan for the creation of a drug production unit in Greece that will serve the wider geographical area.

It all starts with a promise – To make people’s lives better.

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