Funding of 2 million euros for Protio

The Startup is coming out of Stealth Mode and is going to radically change the real estate sector in Greece

Protio raised 2 million euros from the initial funding round. With the new fundraising it comes out of stealth mode, presents the new platform for investments in apartments and reveals a new service that will change the real estate sector in Greece.

The funding comes from Greek and international investment funds with Neogen Capital leading it.

Lars Rasmussen, an investment angel and co-founder of Google Maps, Genesis Ventures investment funds and the Seedblink investment platform participated in tne funding round. At the same time, the financiers include 20 investment angels from Greece, Germany, Switzerland and India.

“We are very pleased to participate in this new effort, because we believe that Protio has a strong founding team of young but experienced entrepreneurs who are operating in a market with huge opportunities from its digital transformation.”, said Dimitris Maroulis, Partner of Genesis Ventures.

Protio, founded in 2021, is a member of the National Register for Startups – Elevate Greece and came to change the landscape of the distribution of apartments. Through the platform, the owners gain the opportunity to sell apartments, receiving a quote within just 24 hours.At the same time, individuals have the opportunity to invest in apartments ensuring a new income, with transparency and security. The apartments located in the are out of the market and available exclusively through the platform.

ESG: Innovation for regeneration and development

At the heart of the circular economy, the conversion of old apartments into energy-sustainable homes with a minimum CO2 footprint introduces a new model of sustainable development. The new “Rebuild-To-Rent” model proposed by Protio comes to address the housing crisis that prevails in Europe and has a social and environmental sign.Protio saw the need as an opportunity to reshape the landscape. Utilizing old apartments with modern technologies, through renovation and energy upgrade, Protio aims to contribute substantially to the urban regeneration of cities.

How does Protio work?

For property owners the process is simple, fast and safe and does not involve bureaucratic procedures. Through the platform they can request an offer to sell their apartment. Thanks to the innovative technology, Protio evaluates all the information and informs within 24 hours about the value of the sale to the owner. Then, Protio with a single visit to the property undertakes to manage all the steps. The owner only needs to validate the final stage of the process.

At the same time, for individuals interested in investing, all that is needed is through the platform to become accredited real estate investors and choose the apartment that meets their needs and investment profile. The company then takes over the whole process – from buying to renovating and finding a tenant. After the rental, Protio manages the apartment and ensures the rental and income of the investor for the first year.

At the same time, Protio offers a new field of activity for brokers. Through the platform they have the opportunity to participate in the disposal of real estate for sale, in finding buyers and investors, as well as in the search for tenants, after the completion of the renovation.

“The problem we aim to solve with Protio affects the lives of millions of people every day. I am thrilled that, with the support of our investors, we are embarking on a journey with such a big and achievable vision.Our goal is to help the real estate trading ecosystem as a whole, as the technology we are developing accelerates the digital transformation of this huge market. With this new venture we want to help the citizens, while also contributing to the urban regeneration of our cities.”, stated Antonis Fiorakis, CEO of Protio.

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