Startup from Leicester? Want to Grow but not Leave Midlands? Incubate is Up and Running

Ekonomia Consultants in partnership with the international entrepreneur and investor, Harun Master, has set up an incubator/accelerator in Leicester, UK aiming at providing a roof and funding to the community of high-growth, web-based startups in the Midlands and elsewhere.

Incubate is located in the heart of Leicester, at 119 Granby Street and offers a co-working space for around 20 startups (£99 p/m) and a separate space for those who want to come and work for just a day (£10 p/d). It also offers an advanced incubation package, which includes, apart from desk space, access to investors, advice on public funding, exclusive workshops by KPMG, expert mentorship and intense supervision, discounted packages for professional services etc. (£299 p/m).

Incubate is also running an acceleration program, currently supporting three companies through a six month part-time program.

“The program aims at helping high-growth startups in the first steps of their venture; startups who do not have the time to enter a full time three-month accelerator in another city. It may also be a viable alternative to those who do not want to give up a substantial percentage of their equity to investors”, says Constantina Katsari-Muston, Incubate’s CEO.

The official opening reception of Incubate will be held on 21st May at 18:00.

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