Start at Upstream: Paid internship program for software engineers

The Start at Upstream, the paid internship program for software engineers of the leading Greek technology company, comes to bridge the gap between university education and the labor market, especially in the field of new technologies in Greece.

The so-called “skills gap”, concerns the difficulties encountered worldwide by companies and organizations in finding highly qualified workers, ready to meet the prerequisites of open jobs in IT sectors. It is indicative that internationally, for each software engineer, there are 5 open jobs to choose from, with 60% of employers in Greece stating that they generally face a problem in filling vacant positions with the right candidates.

“We designed Start at Upstream as a bridge that directly connects university with the job market, giving young children who are looking for their first job in IT the knowledge and skills that are currently in demand and are relevant to the company’s subject, mobile marketing automation. The Greek technological ecosystem is growing and needs trained potential to thrive, competing, perhaps unevenly, in an international labor market where Now an international labor market where anyone can work from anywhere, while programming and IT record high demand”, explains Upstream CEO Dimitris Maniatis.

Applications for the second cycle of Start at Upstream, the 12-month paid internship program for ten software engineers designed by the Greek technology company, closes in two weeks, with a deadline of October 17th.The program includes two months of intensive training in programming topics, which are usually absent from undergraduate programs of study, while then graduates join the engineering teams of Upstream’s research and development center in Athens, contributing in practice to the implementation of its products and services.

“This is a program designed by experienced and practicing software engineers for software engineers, the only one of its kind in Greece. In addition to the highly paid 12-month combined education and work, graduates are apprenticing to skills that the market is looking for, under the guidance of our engineers through the institution of six-month mentoring,” says Natalia Mila, Chief Technology Officer at Upstream. After the completion of the program, participants have the opportunity to continue their career at Upstream, having already enriched their CV in one of the in one of the most well-known technology companies in the country.

“It is a one-way street for companies to ‘build’ the professionals they need, because they are not going to find them ready in the market. For the development of the country’s wider ecosystem of innovation, technology and startup, it is necessary to share know-how, support the new generation and invest in lifelong learning”, Dimitris Maniatis added.

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