Efood triples its human fleet and introduces a new cooperation model

Efood, a greek operating company which belongs to the german Delivery Hero, has announced that the service ‘delivered by efood’ will be reinforced with 6,000 distributors,who will have the ability to work either dependently according to the previous standard or as independent partners ,through the new model that the company is introducing.

The associates will set themselves the hours and the days they will be working.Also, they will be able to increase their income since the more orders they deliver the more they will be paid.There are no restrictions or binding conditions as the payment depends on the order,the area and the working day.

As the company claims, this new model of independent collaboration is the best solution for those who want to schedule their working hours and have full control over their program and who also want to calculate their income.Independent cooperation with distributors offers the interested parties competitive fees, flexibility, personal planning, additional performance fee depending on order volumes and partial provision of equipment.

There will be an extra financial reward of 100 euros during the summer period for every distributor who will deliver 200 orders per month. This additional fee applies to the months of July, August and September.

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