Socialmist: Create Beatiful Stories and Use Music to Express Yourself on a New Social Network

Socialmist is a Swedish start-up situated in Krakow, Poland, that has developed a social network that allows people and brands to capture beautiful stories and use the power of music to express themselves.

With Socialmist’s native applications users can:
•    Record up to 15 seconds of video — They can record or import clips and edit them within the application.
•    Capture beautiful photos — Take or import photos from their library, the photos can be edited within the application.
•    Write text posts — limited to 200 characters. Also incorporate user tagging and hashtag functionalities within posts and comment posts.
•    Attach music to the above features to express themselves with the power of music, allowing them to better express the emotion of an image or a video (the music is powered by SoundCloud).

In “the Mist” you find posts of the people you follow and you are able to see trending people, photos, videos and hashtags. Socialmist is built around the vision of letting music lovers discover, share and use the music they love to express their emotions, experiences and lives.

According to an announcement from the company, recently Socialmist issued new shares in a fundraising round, the precise terms of the agreement remain undisclosed. During the past year Socialmist AB has raised 10mn swedish kronas (~1.5M USD) in funding by investors internationally.

Socialmist is supported on iOS, Android and the Web.

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