Smartocto: Funding round to accelerate and scale ‘smartify’

The editorial analytics company smartocto announces an undisclosed funding round, to accelerate and scale their decision making system ‘smartify’. With Machine Learning, smartocto’s smartify calculates the best story decisions, specific to every newsroom. A consortium of prominent investors and entrepreneurs supports smartocto’s efforts to change the world of editorial analytics.

While content intelligence is omnipresent in today’s newsroom, research has shown that journalists and storytellers struggle with making optimal use of their data tools. Newsrooms often lack the skill set or time to interpret the data and translate it into action. That is why for years smartocto has assisted its users by calculating smart notifications.

Now with smartify, smartocto is taking the next step: AI-assisted decision making. With Machine Learning, the system calculates the optimal decision for conversions, reach, engagement and workflow. Smartocto even visualises how effective and efficient the newsroom is. Superusers can adjust the algorithms themselves for an even better fit.

“Focusing on AI-assisted decision making is the next big step in analytics. This is something we have been working on for years and the first results are groundbreaking. It will definitely change the way newsrooms and content marketing teams work. We have already implemented it with three big publishers and have seen immediate effects on all focused metrics. It is interesting to see how something so simple can have such a big impact.”, said Erik van Heeswijk, CEO of smartocto.

Funding round 2022

A consortium of well known investors, North Base Media (NBM), Eleven, Neveq, V-Ventures, HR Capital, South Central Ventures (SCV) together with a prominent group of European digital entrepreneurs recognised the potential of smartocto and the new smartify proposition and decided to invest. The funding will be used to expand the marketing, sales and R&D efforts of the analytics scale-up.

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