Jennis femtech app raised 1.17 million euros to improve hormonal health

The femtech app Jennis, founded by Olympic champion and World Heptathlon Champion Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill, raised 1.17 million euros in pre-funding to improve hormonal health. The project is about all women and tackling the gender gap in women’s health.

Only 6% of sports and exercise studies are done with exclusively female participants. The funding round was led by Maki VC, along with Venrex investors and many angel investors.

Founded in 2020, Jennis aims to become the go-to-app for CycleMapping for all women worldwide. Jennis is a data-changing femtech application that uses scientifically documented know-how to help women daily map their body’s hormonal cycles into different fitness styles, helping them achieve maximum physical and psychological benefits.

Fitness recommendations vary across all four phases of a woman’s menstrual cycle, with results that include more effective training and increased muscle mass, decreased PMS, more energy and increased physical education. This latest investment will help Jennis work toward filling the gender gap in women’s health through scientific research.

In collaboration with the physiologist Dr. Emma Ross, Jennis is conducting a 5-month study on a group of women who are not the elite, but everyday female athletes, to investigate the impact of CycleMapping and hormonal balance. As part of the research, the team will use innovative saliva tests to understand the uniqueness of the menstrual cycle and the hormonal profile of each woman. 

She said that only 6% of research in the science of sport and exercise is done exclusively on women, so there is a huge data gap for both sexes when it comes to learning about women’s bodies and how to make the most of it. This study instantly closes this gap and provides data that changes the data on women’s hormones in real time, which can be exploited directly by women pursuing wellness goals or exercise.

It should be noted that a significant part of the new funding will be allocated to further strengthen the Jennis technology team. New seniors will be hired to develop the Jennis CycleMapping program, integrate with relevant applications and wearables, and enhance personalization and tracking features. Finally, new elements will be created that extend beyond training, such as sleep, diet and stress reduction – key factors that play an important role in hormonal health and overall well-being of the body.

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