Skillscouts: The game-changing platform in IT Recruiting

It is considered the largest hub of training, certification and interconnection of professional recruiters, companies and agencies from around the world, providing solutions to finding talented IT and technology professionals

Skillscouts is the first online platform that trains recruiters in the concepts and sought-after specialties of IT and the technology market. It is the largest hub of training, certification and interconnection of professional recruiters, companies and agencies from all over the world, providing solutions to the need for professional staffing worldwide: Finding talented IT and technology professionals.

In addition to training, it connects IT recruiters and agencies with client companies from all over the world that either want to hire or need help in recruitment. This allows companies to have access to the best IT recruiters, who are evaluated and certified by Skillscouts, and provides the opportunity for the first time for recruiters to expand their clientele around the globe.

The Skillscouts platform has online interactive courses specialized in all aspects of IT / Tech Recruiting and is one of the most comprehensive “bases” of knowledge and experience, with real examples gathered by more than 300 companies worldwide. In addition, it helps the work of IT recruiters, giving them access to a very large base of IT and technology professionals, where they can see and reach candidates for positions they manage.

Skillscouts, recently, announced that in the last two months it has added to its portfolio partnerships with 12 other major technology giants, both in Europe and on the other side of the Atlantic, recording an increase in registered companies of more than 20% every month, thus catching the attention of investors operating in the technology and recruitment market.

In addition, being one of the few companies with the credentials of the Human Resource Certification Institute (USA), it collaborated with Credly, the largest and most reliable provider of digital credentials in the world for the production of specialized micro-credentials, so that graduates of its programs have a unique treatment and recognition worldwide.

What is IT Recruiting?

Technology is now found everywhere, with more and more software companies, online platforms and operating system companies having established their position in the market for many years.

As a result, the number of jobs in technological fields – such as software engineers/programmers, data analysts, software quality assurance engineers – has risen sharply, perhaps more than any other industry. As a result, this new reality has also increased the demand for recruiters who are specialized in the technological professions in order to effectively staff the technological positions that need to be filled.

“It was the next logical step for us. We were fortunate to be on both sides in the past, both that of the software engineer and the recruiter. There has always been a big gap between these two roles, so we have come to the conclusion that if the knowledge of these two worlds is combined, the results in staffing technological roles are maximized and give an incredibly quality result, noted the founders of Skillscouts, Efthimis Vafiadis and Dimitris Kyriakatis, who are also co-founders / managing directors at Workearly, the most popular upskilling and reskilling service in technology, and Vaquancy, which is the first recruiting agency that connects teleworkers in Greece with companies abroad.

The relationship between the phenomenon of the “Great Resignation” and the spectacular increase in the demand of IT recruiters

According to the International Labour Organization (ILO), companies faced a war to acquire technological talent caused by the “Great Resignation” , when people were leaving their jobs en masse. It was found that 73% of HR managers increased hiring budgets in 2021.However, a quarter of the HR managers surveyed said they have difficulty covering open roles for IT recruiters on their teams. This shows that the demand for recruiters who are familiar with technological specialties is strengthened in proportion to the demand of the specialties themselves, marking a salary increase of more than 35% in those who are specialized in IT Recruiting.

Companies show particular interest in training their workforce in IT Recruiting, thus gaining a very significant advantage in the field of technological recruitment. On the other hand, recruiters and agencies that have been certified and networked through Skillscouts state that they have a very large increase in professional proposals and claim an increasing clientele in the Greek and global market.

The crucial element that differentiates Skillscouts from other professional networking platforms is on the one hand the provision of the required professional knowledge through the respective programs and on the other hand the assurance of the professional training of the members participating in the network. Simply put, IT recruiters participating in the Skillscouts network have gone through specific selection processes, which ensures the high quality of services.

According to Vafiadis and Kyriakatis: “Our goal is to create a platform in which companies will have the opportunity to work with the top 5% of IT recruiters and agencies worldwide.”

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