SeedBlink: Investments of more than 16 million euros in Greek Startups

The investment platform supporting European tech startups has mobilized 150 million euros in funding in the last three years

SeedBlink, the investment platform that supports European startups, has reason to celebrate, as in the last three years it has managed to mobilize 150 million euros from leading investors and Venture Capitals (VC) and 58 million euros from its community of investors, funding up to 256 tech Startups.

SeedBlink has a particularly strong presence in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), one of the fastest growing regions for venture capital financing. In fact, the volume of funding in these countries is expected to close with an annual increase of 1 million euros until the end of 2022, while it is projected that investment will continue to increase in the coming period, demonstrating the potential of CEE, regardless of the challenges it has faced recently.

“SeedBlink turned three years old! An important fact for the European tech startups ecosystem, since despite the recession, high inflation and the reduction of investment rounds, more than 100 billion euros have been invested in European tech startups, for the second consecutive year. Interest remains strong in CEE, one of the fastest growing regions in Europe,” said Andrei Dudoiu, President Board of Directors of SeedBlink.

Following the completion of its first acquisition, the SeedBlink platform now has more than 67,500 investors from 75 countries, including 200 professional investors, such as family offices, ultra-high-net worth individuals and investment advisory firms. The average investment ticket is estimated at 5,500 euros, while 10% of investors seem to have invested in more than 10 companies.

The ecosystem of tech startups in Central and Eastern Europe

SeedBlink’s annual report is accompanied by an analysis carried out in collaboration with Horváth & Partners Management Consultants that outlines the ecosystem of technology startups in the CEE region.

For more information read here the full report of the analysis on the ecosystem of European technology startups, which includes data on the Greek market.

On the occasion of the extremely interesting conclusions of the analysis, Constantin Pelehra, Senior Project Manager of Horváth, pointed out: “We believe that SeedBlink offers an excellent product that allows private investors to take advantage of the value created by tech startups. These businesses are at the forefront of innovation and can bring new technologies, new business models and new approaches to the market. Given our capabilities, we are able to support SeedBlink and its investor community and look forward to new successes in 2023.”

What is happening in the Greek market

After a difficult year in 2020, Greece made a strong comeback, with a new record in funding volume. The total investments of the local ecosystem in the first 10 months of 2022, exceeded the total funding of 2021. The most important round was that of FlexCar, which managed to raise 210 million euros representing 91% of the total capital received by Greek technology startups in 2022.

In Greece, SeedBlink opened its offices in June 2022. According to the company’s three-year report, funds totalling 16.8 million euros have been mobilized in Greece.

“In the last three years, the Greek market has undergone significant changes. Both from the point of view of startups and investors, it is beginning to show maturity levels comparable to the rest of Europe.The emergence of the first Greek unicorn is proof that entrepreneurs have begun to become extroverted, having learned from the mistakes of the past and managed to prepare better. The same goes for investors, with Greek venture capitals supporting the best performance and smartest ideas. Greek investors are now aware of the need to diversify their assets and despite the risks, they are doing well in startups investments, not only through capital, but also in other important ways, such as providing growth opportunities, new jobs, etc.”, stressed George Platanas, Country Director of SeedBlink.

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