Polygreen implemented the first zero waste conference in Greece

Starting from the Global Marketer Conference, Polygreen expands its services by creating a new category, zero waste events, aiming to reduce the footprint of events and conferences

Polygreen, a leading company in the fields of circular economy and environmental protection, with its program Just Go Zero, in collaboration with the Hellenic Advertisers Association, transformed the Global Marketer Conference 2022 into the first zero waste conference in Greece. Specifically, Just Go Zero, the first “movement” of circular economy in Greece, undertook the management of all material streams that emerged during the preparation, during, as well as after the end of the conference, while through its pioneering stand, informed the delegates about the benefits of recycling and the importance of circular economy practices in our lives.

The largest global meeting on marketing and communication was held for the first time in Greece on Thursday, April 7th at the Hellenic Cosmos Cultural Center, co-organized by the Hellenic Advertisers Association and the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA).Polygreen’s team piqued the interest of the participants, inviting them to an interactive “journey” in the field of recycling and zero waste, through the innovative online platform Just Go Zero App. Two “smart” recycling stations were placed in the area, while one more of us operate exclusively for the use of catering, which accurately measured in real time the quantities of waste collected during the conference, from setup to dismantling, constantly presenting the results for each stream of materials on the screens that were placed above each station.

The results were impressive, confirming the need for an individual contribution to the process of circular economy.In the end, a total of 480 kilos of municipal waste were collected, which was transported by the trained team of Just Go Zero to the waste management units of Polygreen, for their proper management in order to gain a second life. Thus, organic waste will be converted into a soil improver for crops, paper, plastic, glass and aluminum will be promoted for recycling, cigarette butts will turn into alternative fuel or insulating material, while the organizers will receive detailed information on the quantities – per waste stream – collected and how to manage them.

At the same time, Polygreen’s specially designed pavilion, made 100% of recyclable materials, was inspired by nature for its aesthetics, made with more than 100 ornamental and aromatic plants. At the end of the conference, all the materials were deconstructed, the wooden frame was stored in order to reuse it, while the plants were distributed to the visitors of the pavilion, resulting in the acquisition of… second life, in another form.

“The Global Marketer Conference 2022, with an eye on sustainability, was an excellent opportunity to introduce Greek and foreign visitors to what motivates Polygreen, the Delphic Maxim “Nothing to excess” and to make the circular economy a reality, drastically reducing the environmental footprint of the Conference.Our goal is to encourage even more top professionals in the sector, as well as organizations, to integrate the philosophy of zero waste not only in their daily lives but also in their businesses, in their products, in their production line and in their events and conferences.”, said Haris Markaki, Customer Experience Director of Polygreen.

“Sustainability is an international key pillar of Better Marketing for which we have been working at the Hellenic Advertisers Association for the last few years. Already in 2019, we brought the issue to the domestic agenda and as an institutional body, we undertake initiatives and actions that promote sustainability in the marketing and communication market.It is a great pleasure that our member company Polygreen has enabled us to make the Global marketer Conference zero-waste and we hope that this partnership will contribute to the development of more sustainable practices.”, stated Nerina Komioti, General Manager of the Hellenic Advertisers Association.

Just Go Zero designs and implements innovative recycling solutions, in the first phase with businesses and local communities, and has as its mission the circular management of waste and the cultivation of a new environmental culture, through targeted education and public awareness actions.The Just Go Zero App, a technology developed by Polygreen, allows the measurement and monitoring, in real time, of the amount of waste collected.

More information about Just Go Zero, on the platform’s website and about the video here

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