New collaboration between Intracom Defense and Diehl Defence

It concerns the undertaking of a new project amounting to 5 million euros for the production of critical electronic subsystems of the IRIS-T family of air-to-air and surface-to-air missiles

Intracom Defense – IDE extends its cooperation with German based Diehl Defence with the receipt of new orders, amounted to 5 million euros, for the continuation of production of crucial electronic missile components for the IRIS-T family of air and surface launched missile systems.

The successful multinational co-operative IRIS-T program strengthens the collaboration between the partner nations, enhances the joint Security of Supply and establishes a fruitful framework for the Greek Defense Industry to collaborate and advance its technological capabilities and infrastructure.

Moreover, the continued exploitation of the IRIS-T program by the Hellenic Armed Forces with future enhanced capabilities, features and roles, will ensure operational advantages, increased availability and low life cycle costs due to commonality and established infrastructure, while in parallel valuable income will flow to the Greek National Economy on a long-term basis.

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