Henkel: Vote of confidence to TeamViewer’s IT solutions

Thanks to the TeamViewer Tensor secure enterprise connectivity suite, Henkel was able to simplify global internal IT support

TeamViewer, a leading global provider of remote connectivity and digitization solutions in the workplace, is improving remote support in the IT department of international consumer goods company, Henkel. Thanks to the TeamViewer Tensor secure enterprise connectivity suite, the Düsseldorf-based company was able to simplify global internal IT support and make it more efficient.

With this solution, Henkel’s specialized IT team can now connect to all of its employees’ devices, such as laptops, tablets and smartphones (a total of 60,000 devices worldwide), regardless of manufacturer or operating system. Simple on-device implementation and seamless integration into Henkel’s existing IT landscape, with connections to ServiceNow, Microsoft Azure, and Jamf, among others, played a major role in the decision to choose TeamViewer. In addition, TeamViewer’s solution fully complies with industry security standards such as single sign-on, scalable and flexible rights management, and encryption at all stages.

“TeamViewer Tensor has made IT support much more effective. Our employees around the world use a wide variety of devices and platforms, which we previously had to manage using a variety of different programs. With TeamViewer, we now have a solution that meets all our remote maintenance requirements and significantly improves workflows for our IT specialists. So our centralized IT support has become more secure, simpler and faster.”, stated Adrian van Zyl, Product Client Owner & Mobility Operations at Henkel.

“We have adapted TeamViewer Tensor specifically to the requirements of companies. The solution can be scaled as needed and enables access to devices and machines quickly and easily from anywhere and from any place in order to provide support and maintenance. In times of mobile work, skills shortages and digital transformation at all levels of the value chain, this is a real change for IT departments.”, noted Jan Junker, Executive Vice President Solution Sales & Delivery at TeamViewer.

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