Wordline acquired Cardlink to expand its online payment network

Worldline, a global leader in the payments sector, announced  the completion of the acquisition of Cardlink, the largest network in the acceptance and management of card transactions in Greece, as part of its broader strategic growth in Europe.

Cardlink is a leader in the Greek market with more than 240,000 terminals and 10,000 e-commerce stores and offers a full range of products and services, such as POS, online payments as well as value-added services for businesses, having developed long-term relationships with leading greek banks.

The greek market is a unique growth opportunity for Worldline, as it is a very growing market where there is a strong shift from cash payments to card payments and a trend towards the adoption of electronic payments.

With the acquisition of Cardlink, Worldline will be able to expand its activities in the promising greek market, taking advantage of access to the largest payment acceptance network in Greece and the opportunity to expand the services offered to businesses.

In addition, Worldline aims to foster long-term relationships with local banks and offer existing customers access to its innovative portfolio of services and products.

Cardlink’s leadership, combined with Worldline’s global presence, industry-leading technologies and expertise in payments, will contribute to the double-digit increase in the unified company’s revenue, while its strong integration program will lead to improved profitability, stemming from economies of scale and cost-effectiveness in operating expenses.

Finally, it should be noted that George Drymiotis, CEO of Cardlink, will remainCEO and shareholder in Cardlink’s new era along with Worldline and will be responsible for implementing the development of Worldline’s activities in Greece, with the support of a dynamic team consisting of more than 100 new Worldline employees.

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