New jobs from British American Tobacco Hellas amid investments

BAT, one of the largest groups internationally, enhances investments in Greece by choosing the country to develop an ambitious plan to create a Better Tomorrow for adult consumers, for society and for the company’s people. This is embodied in the decision for new investments in Greece and marks the continuation of the company’s significant and multifaceted contribution to the greek economy and society.

BAT’s investment plan, which includes boosting employment with 200 new jobs and significant investments in the country, which are linked to the technology and innovation sector that the glo tobacco heating product and Vuse vaping product bring to the greek market, includes significant benefits for many small and medium-sized enterprises in the country, the retail sector and the thousands of employees.

In this context, BAT Hellas proceeds to the expansion of its products with a potentially reduced risk throughout Greece, adding new options based on the latest technology, such as the vaping product Vuse ePod 2, through further development in the retail trade, thus contributing to its recovery after a year and a half dominated by the pandemic and threatened to close thousands of points of sale. In recent years, the company has contributed 3.2 billion euros to the companyin public revenue, significantly supporting the greek economy in the midst of a crisis.

The choice of Piraeus as an International Transit Center, where products worth 1.1 billion euros are traded annually and 2.5 million containers, with significant growth potential, has contributed significantly to employment and freight traffic in the port. At the same time, the company supports approximately 30,000 employees in the network of retailers and distributors, as well as about 10,000 employees in tobacco production, with at least 10 million euros annually to greek farmers in order to buy tobacco on a regular basis.

“At BAT we recognized the need for transformation created through the development of technology, combined with social changes and increasing public health awareness, and we are making a significant leap in this direction.”, stated the President and CEO of British American Tobacco Hellas, Mr. Vitalii Kochenko.

That’s why BAT Group has chosen Greece as one of the first countries in the world to offer its range of high-quality products with potentially reduced risk in the categories of heated tobacco products and vaping products, as well as strong support from technology and science, which helps us respond to this new trend of consumers. That’s why new investments and the emphasis on small retail are being strengthened.

BAT invests significantly in research and development of alternative, smoking, products. Globally, more than 1,500 scientists and experts work in the company’s Research and Development centers, aiming to ensure that adult smokers have a wide range of innovative products at their disposal.

Glo is BAT’s tobacco heating product that combines advanced tobacco heating technology with Neo tobacco sticks, which are specifically designed for use with the device. Vuse is British American Tobacco’s leading vaping product brand with over 4.5 million consumers worldwide. Vuse ePen 3 was named “Product of the Year 2021” in the vaping category with an independent consumer survey conducted by IRI in 3,200 consumers in Greece, the largest and  most important award institution internationally regarding the innovation of consumer products.

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