Mexoxo’s new UNITY project to support Ukrainian women

Mexoxo presents the UNITY project aimed at the socio-economic support of Women from Ukraine

Mexoxo, as a supporter of the education, empowerment and interconnection of women worldwide, presents the UNITY program that aims at the socio-economic support of women – and not only – from Ukraine, in the context of its overall vision: “Unleash every woman’s potential, anywhere, at any time.”

Through the implementation of this program, it notes its intention and willingness to focus on the easy adaptation of women to everyday life when moving between countries within the European Union (EU).

Unity was designed as a priority, based on the daily evolving situations in Ukraine that are having an impact at a global level. Within the framework of UNITY, the action will concern the ability to find a job, provision of mentorship, personal and professional empowerment and provision of training programs by professionals.

Mexoxo actively supports its commitment to social inequality in order to bring sustainable development and prosperity to Women from Ukraine – wherever they are transferred – for equal opportunities, free access to education, dignity, inclusive and non-discriminatory security, as well as personal and professional development.

It wishes to be a carrier of inspiration, knowledge, guidance for the formation of a noble environment and sustainability. For this reason, it invites institutions, companies, organizations to contribute to its work and join the impact cycle it forms.

Elpida Kokkota, CEO & Founder of Mexoxo, founded Mexoxo, a global innovation and initiative platform aimed at empowering women through their free education and training to fully utilize their skills in order to chart their own course in the business world and contribute with their own unique footprint.

Elpida Kokkota began having as mentor Mohamed Younis, the banker of the poor and winner in 2006 with the Nobel Peace Prize, who encouraged her to pursue her dream of offering good.

Through the action of Mexoxo and the UNITY program, it wants to show the great power that women hide within them by being able to cope with the most difficult conditions, even if it means getting back on their feet after a war starting from scratch in a foreign country.

More information about unity can be found here

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