Medoid AI: Winner in Pfizer’s innovation competition

Medoid AI, the startup that develops innovative solutions based on Artificial Intelligence was distinguished in the competition “Patient-centered Innovation” organized by Pfizer’s Digital Innovation Center in Thessaloniki, in collaboration with Elevate Greece and the Greek Patients’ Association.

In the competition, 20 entries were submitted by corresponding Startups registered on the Elevate Greece platform, which suggested innovative solutions to issues related to the support, empowerment and education of patients in the management of their disease, the improvement of patients’ communication with health professionals and the better management of patients’ health at home and at work.

The winner of the competition was Medoid AI, which presented an innovative solution, which with the use of artificial intelligence achieves simplification of scientific texts in such a way as to maintain their validity and accuracy. Medoid AI is a spin-off of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki that specializes in the provision of artificial intelligence services for the development of high added value solutions for businesses and in the research and development of products and solutions for direct marketing.

As part of its award, Medoid AI received the cash prize of 20,000 euros while at the same time it has the opportunity to explore a collaboration with the Pfizer Digital Innovation Center.

“We warmly thank Pfizer and the Centre for Digital Innovation for the awarding of our proposal, but also for the very important initiative of organizing the competition within the framework of Elevate Greece. A practical sign of support and cooperation with the national ecosystem of innovation and startups that deserves congratulations and should serve as an example”, said Anestis Fachantidis co-founder and CEO of Medoid AI. 

“Patients, in order to be able to make the appropriate decisions for our health, need to have immediate access to the necessary information.Digital literacy technological tools, such as an application to simplify the information of clinical studies through artificial intelligence, can bring science closer to us so that it is understood and accessible. We are very happy to have been given the opportunity to participate in such an important initiative because we truly believe in the value of the participatory process, with patients as experts and co-shapers in the modern challenges for more Health for all.”, stated Dimitris Kontopidis, Vice President of the Patients’ Association of Greece. 

“Warm congratulations to Medoid AI for the excellent idea and the victory in the “Patient-centered Innovation” competition. Digital technologies can be a catalyst to empower citizens to develop the ability to access, understand and evaluate medical information, to actively participate in the management of their health and well-being, and to support innovation in human-centred care models. We are pleased that CDI is a hub of open innovation and promotes synergies of actors to develop digital solutions that will improve patients’ lives.”, noted Nico Gariboldi, Head of Pfizer’s Digital Innovation Centre in Thessaloniki.

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