Mastercard: Participates in the “Diversity Charter” for a work environment without discrimination

As part of the Charter's signing, Mastercard reinforces its long-standing commitment to promote an inclusive workplace

This year, Mastercard signed the “Diversity Charter“, remaining faithful to its commitment to a diverse, fair and inclusive working environment, offering its employees equal opportunities for growth and unlimited possibilities.

As part of the Charter’s signing, Mastercard reinforces its long-standing commitment to promote an inclusive work environment where everyone is welcome, regardless of beliefs, cultures and backgrounds, an environment that welcomes and encourages diversity.

At the same time, Mastercard’s participation in the “Diversity Charter” is in line with its basic principles of inclusion and ethics. In addition, the company recognizes that when people feel they belong somewhere and their ideas are appreciated and treated fairly, they achieve more.Therefore, in order to unlock the full potential of its employees, customers, partners and communities in the more than 210 countries and regions where they live and work, Mastercard focuses on creating an inclusive work environment.

“The signing of the Diversity Charter reflects the people-centered way our company operates and we feel very proud to be part of this effort. Creating a diversity-centric team is only one part of the equation. At Mastercard, we consider it important to create a culture where employees, in all their diversity, always feel valued and respected. This mutual respect and acceptance, the emphasis on talent and uniqueness are values that are at our core and we are committed to continue to actively support them.”, stated Mastercard’s Head of Marketing and Communications, for Greece, Cyprus and Malta Loukia Chorafa.

“Mastercard became a member of the Diversity Charter for Greek businesses, in the framework of the extensive program of actions regarding the respect of the principles and values of Diversity and healthy inclusion of executives. We welcome them to the great family of The Charter and promise them that we will be by their side to assist them with our forces in the implementation of even more initiatives towards accepting and supporting diversity.”, said the President of KEAN (Cell of Alternative Youth Activities) and Founder of Diversity Charter Greece, Stavros Milionis.

The Diversity Charter is an initiative of the European Commission to promote Diversity in business and aims to act as a means of commitment to the implementation of equal opportunities and diversity in every working environment. In 2019, Greece became the 23rd country to sign the Charter which, in Greece, is implemented by KEAN.

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