Loctio is the first startup to join ESA BIC Greece

Loctio is the first startup selected at ESA BIC Greece. Loctio’s goal is to make positioning services accessible to billions of IoT devices, most of which are characterized by limited processing power and available energy.

Its main goal is to achieve accurate positioning, with safety and low consumption even in the most demanding environments using the satellite technologies GNSS and LEO PNT as well as terrestrial, such as 5G.

With the support of the ESA BIC Greece incubator, Loctio will implement a full commercial Edge GNSS receiver which will be supported by user’s equipment. Business, legal and intellectual property protection services will support LOCTIO in the next 12 months.

LOCTIO will make the LaaS framework available through subscriptions to logistics, transportation, monitoring, utilities and insurance companies that deploy millions of IoT devices and need secure and accurate data on an ongoing basis without sacrificing the battery life of the devices.

The operation of ESA BIC Greece is the result of the planning of the Ministry of Digital Governance and the European Space Agency (ESA) for the active participation of Greece in the European Space Strategy. Corallia of the Athena Research Center is responsible for the operation of ESA BIC Greece and in this context collaborates closely with ESA to support 25 greek startups on space technologies and services.

The technologies that have been developed for space and we use in everyday life, often without knowing it, are countless. We make daily and widespread use of space data, signals and services we receive from the arrays of satellites, which are in orbit around the Earth.

The space sector offers prospects for the development of technological innovation solutions in selected sectors and, by extension, creates opportunities for new markets through the exploitation of upstream (services and products focused on sending satellites, robotic systems, sensors, etc. to space, aiming at the exploitation and exploration of space) and midstream (operation of satellites and other devices and systems) and downstream (utilization of space systems for the development of applications and services).

ESA BIC Greece offers 50,000 euros in cash, 140 hours of technical and business support, training, access to office spaces and infrastructure as well as an extensive network of over 70 supporters and the right to use the ESA BIC logo.

The next deadline for the submission of applications to the ESA BIC Greece Permanent Open Call is October 18, 2021. Applications may be submitted by legal entities established in Greece (not more than 5 years old), and by natural persons, who reside under a work permit within Greece with the obligation to establish a legal entity in the greek territory.

The candidate business plan will be proposed to make the participating company one of the 25 companies that will be supported by the first incubator for startups in the space sector in Greece.

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