Nike Go FlyEase: A hands-free shoe

Nike presents an innovation in the field of shoes industry.The Nike Go FlyEase is a new modern shoe that aims to improve people’s life.

People usually feel uncomfortable with their shoes, but for people with disabilities from arthritis to partial paralysis is not simply an annoyance. That’s where Nike appears and offers a pioneer solution.So Nike’s new shoes offer the ability to slip on without bending over or using your hands at all.

The shoe has a bistable hinge that allows the shoe to open in two parts.It’s like the shoe’s inner part is coming out.Then you slide your foot in and push the heel down.Also, it includes a tensioner, which is something like an elastic band around the shoe that is responsible for what the shoe looks like. Finally, the kickstand, a piece of a rubber that helps to take the shoes off by just pressing it without the need to bend.When you take off the shoes the hinge remains open so you can easily put them on again when needed.

However, the only criticism that Nike faced was due to the fact that the release was limited and they were sold at a high price.Even though the prices came down this process made it difficult for people with disabilities to acquire a pair of Nike’s Go FlyEase.

Overall, this new and breakthrough design introduces a new era in the shoes industry proving that the best is yet to come, facilitating people’s everyday life.

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