Technical and commercial synergy of Pobuca with NUS Solutions

Pobuca proceeded to a strategic partnership with NUS Solutions. It joins forces with NUS Solutions, a start-up company specializing in Microsoft technologies and with qualified technicians in its workforce that intends to establish itself as a Solution Provider.
Using and applying microsoft’s most innovative technologies, as the company states in a relevant announcement, NUS Solutions is a pioneer in the areas of CRM solutions, web development, the creation of Loyalty schemes, the digital transformation of organizations, as well as the development of business ideas.
In the context of the strategic partnership with Pobuca, NUS undertakes the supply and resale of infrastructure equipment, hardware and software licenses, as well as the technical support of the Dynamics 365 CRM and Loyalty solutions of the Pobuca platform, enabling the company’s customers, in Greece and abroad, to be served promptly and efficiently
The resale partnership between Pobuca Experience Cloud and NUS Solutions, aspires to further strengthen the position of Pobuca’s solutions in the small and medium-sized market, covering a wide range of customer needs in a highly organized technical and commercial synergy, certified engineers, technicians and support personnel, which will further enhance the reliability and after sales dynamics of the Pobuca platform at a local and international level.
“Every strategic partnership fills us with pride in the important steps forward we have continued to take over the years. For a Greek company that is established at the top of the Customer Experience on a global level, the dynamic given by our cooperation with an ambitious and dynamic Greek company such as NUS Solutions, is another reason for satisfaction. Pobuca proceeds with this collaboration with NUS Solutions to provide CX and Loyalty solutions in the field of small and medium-sized enterprises, taking another step in their digital transformation”, said Mr. Isidoros Sideridis, CEO of Pobuca

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