LiquidBlox introduces a tool to… get rid of PDF files online!

LiquidBlox, a Finish startup developed an easy-to-use tool in order to create online publications. The Helsinki based company provides users with a new way to create digital publications, since its HTML5 based tool doesn’t require any coding skills and the basic version is free to use.

LiquidBlox can replace PDF files and flipbook pages, which are not optimal formats for the best user experience, social media sharing or search engine optimization. Therefore, with the use of LiquidBlox, which has been built for small businesses and media professionals, creates catalogues, brochures and magazines that are responsive from the beginning, and they can work on all devices, including mobile phones and tablets. Jani Hiltunen, LiquidBlox CEO noted that: “We are providing a new way to create magazine-like publications. Starting from creating page layouts to finishing the page in minutes, when individuals and companies get used to creating amazing user experiences this easily, we will see a decrease in online PDF usage”. Last, but not least, LiquidBlox announced its first funding round of €340,000.

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