Ekonomia Consultants organises a Lean Startup Meetup in the Phoenix Cafe Bar (4 Midland St. Leicester LE1 1TG) on Tuesday 5 November at 11 in the morning. During the first half Paul Muston will give a review of what happened at the the 2-day LeanConf in Manchester.

Paul Muston attended the conference were all the Lean people met trying to figure out what is the next obvious step for startups and established businesses. Speakers included Rob Fitzpatrick, Barry O’ Reilly, Dan Crow, Stephen Rapoport and others. Paul took ample notes, learned the lessons and he is ready to share the knowledge.

During the second half Paul and Constantina Muston will take attendees through the process of using the Business Model Canvas.

Ekonomia is a UK based company specialising on business coaching and consulting. It emphasizes on Customer Development in accordance to the Lean Startup principles.

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