Facebook is investing 100 million dollars in a Greek Startup

Alex Patelis, the Economic Advisor of the Prime Minister, had announced in a very clever way in his Twitter account, that two investments by American companies are linked to the Greek technological scene

The acquisition of 49% of the Greek Viva, by JP Morgan is only the beginning, as a new investment is expected to be announced soon this time by meta, that is the emblematic Facebook.

According to well-informed Startupper sources, Facebook has proceeded to the acquisition – investment of a Greek Startup that has a presence, apart from Greece in the USA ad well..

Although the name remains a closely guarded secret, Startupper’s information indicates that this Startup is in the field of deep tech, focusing on software for video. This Startup focuses on AI technologies, as well as VR and AR, offering extremely high quality solutions in the field in which it operates.

The same information indicates that this investment, on the part of Facebook, will amount to (perhaps even exceed) 100 million dollars.

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