EY Startup Challenge competition 2016 closes soon

The EY start-up-challenge 2016 is a three months program offering coaching and mentoring for selected startups with the involvement of EY staff, EY customers and also by other prestigious professionals from many areas. It will be hosted in betahaus in Berlin.

Big benefits for startups will come from access to the EY business network, which include potential clients and investors, from workshops offering training and procedures certification in case of service sector startups, and of course customer growth and business development offerings. 

Noted, the EY offer these services virtually free since it does not seek an equity stake nor any payment from the startups.

The program will focus on space of Industry 4.0 & Smart Services, startups can participate from all over the world as long as they have developed at least one viable product, exploit elements of the digital and physical world, offer innovative practices and networking products and IoT, under the so-called fourth industrial revolution.

The deadline is the end of January and requests can be made here.

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