ELTA and BestPrice.gr join forces strengthening their presence in e-commerce

The Hellenic Post Group is taking another strategic step in the wider field of e-commerce, with the addition of new partnerships that are added to its commercial portfolio.

In this context, it announces the cooperation of ELTA Courier with BestPrice.gr, the first product search and price comparison service on the Greek internet. It is a collaboration that makes e-shops more competitive, contributing both to their growth and to the strengthening of e-commerce in Greece.

Based on the new agreement, all BestPrice.gr online stores cooperating with the BestPrice.gr (3,400 today), will enjoy discounts and special prices on all ELTA courier services regardless of order volume. Among the additional privileges is the delivery to inaccessible land and island destinations without extra charges. A service that is made possible thanks to the nationwide coverage offered by ELTA.

The agreement with BestPrice.gr comes in addition to a series of agreements by ELTA Group, immediately after the beginning of its major corporate transformation, for the benefit of its customers and consumers. In this context, since last spring ELTA courier’s cooperation with Amazon began for the distribution of the items it sends to Greek recipients, followed by other important foreign companies, such as Adidas and H&M.

These are agreements that were secured as proof of the quality of services and the ability of ELTA to cover the entire Greek territory, with credibility and in competitive delivery times and have given an international vote of confidence to the Hellenic Post Group.

On a domestic level, however, ELTA Courier has concluded special cooperation agreements with important business and commercial groups for the distribution of their items. Among them, Attiki Odos, Fraport, Newrest, Roche Diagnostics, Korres, Manetti, Celestino, Ianos Bookstores etc.

These collaborations, as well as many others agreed in recent times, confirm the steady course of ELTA group, through its transformation, towards a new company: with excellent services, competitive in a Greek and international environment, which will at the same time maintain its strong social footprint in the country.

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