Ecotrophelia 2021: The innovative teams and food products that excelled

Innovative food products excelled at the national competition Ecotrophelia 2021 that was held by the Federation of Hellenic Food Industries.

It is highlighted that from 2011 until today, 546 students from 15 universities in Greece have participated in the competition creating and offering to the food industry more than 100 suggestions of innovative food products with features of eco innovation.

This year, because of the special conditions due to the pandemic, the competition was held with the physical presence only of the competing teams and the national jury, receiving all the necessary safety measures. The award winners were innovation and new generation, that once again left its mark, by developing innovative food products.

After a difficult selection process, 10 teams of students arrived at the final phase of the competition and presented their products with real professionalism to the national jury.

The team of the National Technical University of Athens-School of Chemical Engineering, won the first award for the product Nutri Salad Bars, a salty cereal bar with Mediterranean flavor, that offers a new dining experience. The winning team will represent Greece in the corresponding European Competition.

The team of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki- Department of Chemical Engineering won the second award for the product OLINEVA, vegan oatmeal and peas protein products, that is accompanied with greek virgin olive oil.

The University of the Aegean- Department of Food Science and Nutrition, won the third award for the product MυροβλήΤeas, an innovative cube of biological herbs and honey, that is easily dissolved in the water to produce a beverage.

The team of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki-Department of Food Science and Nutrition, received an honorary distinction for “Better Presentation, for the product Softies Homestyle Snack, salty filled gluten-free pillows, with natural antioxidents.

Finally, an honorary distinction for ”Better Marketing Plan and Promotion Prize” was awarded to the team of the University of Thessaly for the product Feel Your Oats, an organic vegan snack of oatmeal, with fibres, beta-glucan, no added sugar and preservatives. 

During the award ceremony, Euaggelos Kalousis, President of the Federation of Hellenic Food Industries, highlighted the necessity to promote Research and Innovation as well as interconnection of the Academic/Research Community with the productive net of the country, in order to to leverage the results of research and knowledge and stated “ ECOTROPHELIA competition is an opportunity for the new generation, to promote its innovative ideas and for the Federation of Hellenic Food Industry to leverage these ideas in the future.”

Christos Dimas, Deputy Minister for Research and Innovation, recognized the importance of the competition and stated that despite the hardships that the pandemic has caused, the State has as its priority the reinforcement of competitiveness and development of all fields including that of food products, through research and innovation.Also, he referred to the new generation which proves that it has new realistic ideas and can be successful in the competitive environment thas has been formed.

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