Digital Safety Program for children from Google Greece

Google Greece, in collaboration with the Institute of Informatics of the Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas (FORTH), proposes safe online navigation tools for children, through the program “Become a Hero of the Internet”, on the occasion of the European Cybersecurity Awareness Day.

To help children learn how to face the potential traps of the internet, Google Greece is implementing, for the second time this year, a scientifically evaluated and approved program titled “Become a Hero of the Internet.” It is a “compass” for safe Internet browsing, addressed to teachers, parents and children, under the auspices of the Ministry of Education and it is available free of charge in all schools in Greece. 

A course on eSafety 

It is a course that provides teachers with tools and methods to teach the basic principles of digital safety in the classroom environment, while it can also help to educate parents so that they are better aware of how to protect their children.

The “Become a Hero of the Internet” program provides, among many other things, an understanding of what is true online, recognition of online fraud, an understanding of what phishing is and how we avoid it, an understanding of how important personal information is, familiarity with the tools and settings that provide protection against hackers and other threats.

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