Depia: Pioneer in innovation and industrial automation

The Greek company developed the exergame platform “Active Nest“, based on its unique expertise in high-tech software solutions, technological projects and robotics, while combining state-of-the-art technologies, state-of-the-art tools and data analysis.

In the field of research and health enters dynamically with integrated solutions the Greek company Depia Automations as a pioneering Greek company in innovation, cutting-edge technologies and industrial automation. With particular emphasis on improving the quality of life of the elderly, depia automations’ specialized team worked methodically, creating a special exergame platform, the “Active Nest”, which has as its main goal the increase of life expectancy.

For the development of the technologically advanced platform, Depia Automations relied on a series of crucial factors, such as the modern way of life, the fast pace, the cost of unsuccessful aging, the continuous increase of the old population and the mandatory confinement due to the pandemic, but also on the scientific data that show that these factors bring multiple health problems, most of which occur in people of advanced age and are directly related to a decrease in cognitive functions in the human brain.

An important advantage for the creation of the exergame platform “Active Nest” was the vast experience of Depia Automations in software solutions, technological construction and robotics.

“Active Nest” innovates on multiple levels, bridging the gap between technological games and physical activity, while combining technologies and state-of-the-art tools, such as:

-The smart floor.

-The use of cameras for 3D models of spaces creating an environment familiar to the elderly.

-The integration of machine learning algorithms, which ensure the dynamic adaptation of the system to the user’s characteristics.

-The use of optical sensors to recognize movements and gestures remotely.

-The use of fall predicting indicators.

-The use of smart watches.

-The use of virtual reality.

-Scenarios with fitness parameters (gait, strength and balance) and cognitive level.

Thus, Depia Automations created an innovative and technologically advanced exergame platform, unique in the Greek market and one of the leading companies around the world.

On the world stage with technology as a tool

Depia Automations with its know-how applies state-of-the-art technologies and provides integrated robotics, automation and software solutions. It has significant partnerships with the largest groups in Greece and abroad, as well as with universities in the field of research, which open new horizons in the development and progress of the company, maintaining as the centre of the solutions it provides, beyond the productivity and quality of its customers’ products: Humans.

By designing solutions, selecting and using high-quality equipment, Depia Automations leads its customers to the EU’s new green growth strategy, also known as the “EU Green Deal”, in the circular economy, health and environmental protection. Constantly investing in R&D and adopting the latest technologies, Depia Automations applies integrated “Smart Factory” solutions, making the most of the available machine information and the new possibilities of the “Industry 4.0” revolution.

Nowadays, there is an explosion of digital “twins” and Depia Automations systematically invests in specialized software and techniques, gaining a significant competitive advantage. The “Digital Twin” is a powerful tool that guides the innovation and performance (as a monitoring, analysis and forecasting system) of every modern business and enables Depia Automations customers to better understand their needs, develop and improve their products, operations and services.

The influence of automation, and especially of robotic applications, on the everyday life of most industries and businesses is catalytic.In fact, with its participation in the manufacture of robotic dinosaurs animatronics in a theme park in China, it gained valuable experiences and proved in practice that the proper use of robots can improve our quality of life, health and entertainment, as well as that the coexistence of humans and robots in industry offers technological solutions and special advantages, such as increasing productivity, accuracy, speed, performance, reliability, safety and economy.

Today Depia Automations is considered an innovative company in special automation applications in Greece, with a significant presence abroad. With the new partnership with Stäubli Robotics, which is a leading international robot manufacturer, it adds even more high-tech solutions, providing reliable and efficient “turn-key” solutions with SCARA type robots, 6 axis and co-operative Cobot robots, up to self-propelled robot systems and AGV, all with the guarantee and the reliability of Depia Automations’ applications.

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