DNA Sequence: Innovative solutions in the field of biotechnology

DNA Sequence is a new biotechnology company that offers innovative solutions using state-of-the-art technologies. More specifically, it focuses on the use of innovative techniques for the microbiology of the built environment and agrigenomics. These techniques affect key activities, such as tourism, catering, culture and other mass commercial activities.

Our expertise ranges from information technology to biotechnology and bioinformatics. The founders of the company have been working in the field of digital biotechnology for more than 15 years. Despite its short operation, the company has undertaken and implemented projects in a wide range of business and research activities related to applications in health, water quality control, biosecurity control in means of transport and in the construction sector.

DNA Sequence collaborates with companies and institutions that seek to utilize computational biology in order to be able to solve problems that concern their industry and create high added value. There are collaborations with the National Technical University of Athens, ELGO Dimitra, Center for Security Studies and a number of other public and private sector bodies, while the company participates as coordinator in two research projects of RESEARCH INNOVATE.

Metagenomics of Built Environment (MBE)

DNA Sequence works to contribute to a higher purpose by feeling that it gives it a foothold and meaning to its work. The use of Metagenomics of Built Environment (MBE) technology offers, among other things, valuable information for the preservation and conservation of archaeological findings and works of art-objects of world cultural heritage.

This technology allows the identification of all microbes in a sample and is a universal solution for identifying pathogenic microbial communities in an environment, without the need for specific tests for expected or well-identified pathogens.

The detection and monitoring of microbial communities is carried out on surfaces and samples of air and water with non-intrusive techniques that ensure the integrity of works of art and archaeological findings, the integrity of works of art and archaeological findings, while giving personalized information about their preservation and conservation.

Mbe and Biosafety

The burning issue concerning the protection of public health or biosecurity in the built environment is now of great concern not only to the medical sector, but also to all professionals involved in its development as builders or architects, engineers and related specialties.

The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has played a catalytic role in the spread of biosecurity and in extending its application to the entire spectrum of the built environment and public transport, something that in the past was focused exclusively on high-risk places, such as hospitals.

An equal role has been played by the development of metagenometics technologies, which allow us to detect all microbes in any sample, bypassing microbiological culture, with low cost, fast analysis rates and optimal provision of solutions. DNA Sequence has embraced and has contributed to the development of metagenics technologies and provides solutions to enhance biosecurity in the built and natural environment.

The company can also offer control and registration of microbial communities in different water quality control areas. Study of changes in the microbiotity of water after disinfection – purification of water interventions and determination of the degree of water pollution. DNA Sequence services are fully adapted to issues of surveillance and certification of control procedures in places of sanitary interest and the company has the ability to issue a “Biosafety Certificate”.

The positive impact of sampling and controls on infrastructure, in the context of adopting biosecurity policies, is of great importance for the establishment of Greece as a safe destination in the international market for hospitality, catering services and the everyday life of citizens. DNA Sequence technology is an international innovation that can place the Greek Tourism Market at the top of the pyramid of the international tourism industry.

Agrigenidiomatics in the identification and safety of organic ingredients

Agrigenomics refers to the genetic identification of ingredients in organic samples such as food and soil samples, using modern technologies (Next Generation Sequencing, Microarrays). DNA Sequence technologies find application in agriculture, livestock farming and the entire spectrum of the food industry.

DNA Sequence’s agrigenomic approach includes two main axes: the identification of components and the control of their safety. Among the advantages offered by the use of agrigenomic technology is the creation of a unique identity for raw materials and products.

In this way, the identification of species and traditional varieties and their direct connection with a geographical area is also achieved. In the context of ensuring the quality of our company’s services, as well as at the same time certifying the procedures we follow, DNA Sequence has assigned to an international inspection and certification organization the supervision and certification of the “Biosecurity & Authenticity” control process of the products.

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