Generation Y: The first e-business hub in Europe

With investment in the digital transformation worldwide expected by 2022 to reach, according to converging estimates of studies collected by Generation Y, 1.78 trillion euros, it is indisputable that we are in the fourth industrial revolution.

Generation Y – International eBusiness Hub is at the forefront of developments, contributing significantly to the co-creation of the business future, faithful to its philosophy of creating or introducing the most innovative tools that have proven to have multiple benefits to businesses and ultimately to the economy and society of the country.

In this context, by employing its in-depth knowledge about the market, the experience and the high expertise it possesses, it always puts under the microscope the business perspective of its customers’ investment, so that the e-business solutions it will provide them have a significant impact on their profitable growth. Generation Y’s portfolio consists of businesses that have diverse needs:

> The enhancement of their export activity

> The drastic reduction of their operating expenses

> Boosting their (channels) revenue

> Increase their profitability

> Expanding their customer base

> Maximizing brand awareness

In all of them, which in total amount come up to 2,500, initially exploring all their needs, it results in the most personalized mix of actions, choosing from 180 different services in various combinations, in order to ensure their development through their successful digital transformation. It drives developments based on the real needs of the market and that is why it has such an expanded clientele in many different sectors, such as heavy industry, FMCG, retail publishing, hospitality, shipping, health sector, technology etc.

Having gathered the most specialized professionals in the industry, Generation Y creates multiple success stories through the collaboration of the 9 Business Units of Market Research, Creative, Software Development, Mobile, Branding, Performance Marketing, Business Consultancy, Data Analysis & Reporting, Insurance, offering absolutely measurable solutions to its customers. The desire for further development doesn’t stop there though.

In 2021, Generation Y proceeded to an exclusive collaboration with Algolia for Greece, which chose it as the most modern search engine based on artificial intelligence technology. At the same time, it also proceeded to the exclusive collaboration with ManusPlus, the most popular human resources and time management platform.

In the coming months, further collaborations with foreign firms are expected to be announced, thus confirming that Generation Y is the first e-business hub in Europe. Currently, the company operates in 24 countries, having offices in 10 of them (USA, UK, Cyprus, Germany, Romania, Albania, Bulgaria, China, Dubai, Spain and its headquarters in Greece), implementing large-scale projects.

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